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Big Stone Lake Ice Fishing,
Perch and Bluegill Guide

Best Perch and Bluegill Bite in Minnesota

  Formerly viewed as a drive by lake to fisherman heading west, Big Stone Lake's recent popularity has exploded.  Changes in water clarity and weed growth have created the perfect panfish environment, with historical record populations of perch; and an upcoming crop of big bluegills.   While Big Stone has incredible numbers of perfect eater sized fish (9'-11"), you're probably not going to find any perch in the 14"-16" range.  Occasionally we will pick up jumbo perch in the 12"-13" range, that seems to be where they top out at here. 

  Schools of perch and panfish on Big Stone are heavily basin related, and highly nomadic in nature.  Lagoona Guide Service has decades of experience on this fishery, and the expertise to keep your group on the hottest bite. 

Best Time for Big Stone Lake Perch

Early Ice (December)

  Early ice on Big Stone can be a riot.  Good water clarity at the beginning of the season can make for exciting sight fishing conditions, and an active bite is sure to keep you busy.  Often times perch are still related to break lines and basin oriented rock piles.  While locals may refer to this as "deep structure", depth is a relative term when the deepest hole in the lake is 16 feet. 

  Fish at this time are typically aggressive, rattle type spoons tipped with minnow heads or spikes can help to sort through smaller fish.  A set line with a minnow will usually pick up the biggest Jumbo of the day. 

Mid Winter (January - February)

  By mid winter patterns are usually pretty stable.  Schools of perch are still on the move, but they're movements are seemingly more predictable and weather related. 

  Downsizing baits to small jigs and bugs is typically the best way to catch fish during the coldest part of the season.  Peak activity also becomes more predictable as approaching weather, and solar events dictate feeding windows. 

Late Ice (March)

Ice fisherman dispays his days catch of jumbo perch with fish house and setting sun in background.

  Late ice brings the best fishing of the season.  March perch fishing starts basin related, but ends with some truly spectacular days in the shallows. Fish at this time are more aggressive than the rest of the year.  Jigs and spoons are best, many spring days the set lines need to be pulled in order to keep up with the bite.

  Fishing and weather are at their best at this time!

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