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Isle Royale National Park
Guided Lake Trout Fishing

Lagoona Guide Service Trophy Lake Trout Fishing

Guided fishing trips to Isle Royale are not available.

Check back for updates. 

  Located 20 miles off the furthest reaches of Minnesota's Arrowhead shoreline, is a lighthouse set upon a barren rock.  Aptly named the Rock of Ages lighthouse, it marks the beginning of Isle Royale National Park.  At 44 miles long and 9 miles wide, it's hard to believe a national park of this size is considered to be the least accessible and least visited national park in the country.   Which is awesome for fishing!


  Each fall Lagoona Guide Service makes the run out to Isle Royale for the lake trout spawn.  Trophy lakers leave the safety of Superiors depths, to amass on the shallow reefs of Isle Royale.  These shallower fish are easier to locate and target with light tackle.  Common presentations include trolling plugs and spoons, as well as casting bucktail jigs and swimbaits. 

 Trophy lake trout in the 20-30 pound range are a daily occourance, with fish in the 40 pound plus range a possibility.


 Better-than-Canada laker fishing, only a day trip away from the Twin City metro area.


  Unstable fall weather patterns make for narrow windows of fishing opportunity, these trips have a limited, short notice availability.  Contact for further detail.  


The fishing's incredible, and the trip is worth it. 

Large lake trout measures "43 inches", on the bump board.
Fisherman preparing to release a giant Isle Royale lake trout.
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