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 Professionally Guided Ice Fishing on Mille Lacs Lake

Ice Fishing Lake Mille Lacs Perch, Walleye, and Tullibee

  One of the top walleye destinations in the country, Mille Lacs Lake has a storied history of producing trophy fish.  Each ice fishing season droves of anxious fisherman travel north to Mille Lacs in search of trophy walleye, big pike, jumbo perch, and hot tullibee action. 

  Lagoona Guide Service is a fully equipped ice fishing outfitter serving Mille Lacs Lake. Snowmobiles, heated portable fish houses, and all necessary fishing and safety equipment are provided.  Mobility is the key to consistently catching fish on Mille Lacs.  

Best Time for Ice Fishing Mille Lacs Lake


Early Ice (Thanksgiving - Christmas)

  Early Mille Lacs ice fishing typically kicks off in the southern bays and near shore breaks at the beginning of December.  First ice is an exciting time for ice fishing, early trips are spent sight fishing for pike and walleye.  For those not familiar, sight fishing is the use of a large spearing size hole roughly 2'x3' to watch and catch large predator species.  Big pike will take a bait literally right out from under your feet.  Described as "fishing from a stand", it's become a favorite technique for many clients.  

  By mid December ice conditions are generally good for snowmobile travel to the flats and gravel bars.  Jigging spoons are a great choice for hole hopping and picking up aggressive walleye and jumbo perch.  Rod holder style tip ups are also used to pick up less aggressive biters and cover more water.  Chasing tip up flags for big walleyes always keeps things exciting.

Mid Winter (Christmas - Late February)

  Mid-winter fishing on Mille Lacs brings the resort roads and crowds.  Good fishing can still be had with some willingness to get off the beaten path.  Flats and gravel pockets off of the trails can provide excellent walleye fishing, as well as the opportunity for a tullibee bite.  By February the tullibee bite is typically going strong.  This part of the season can be great fishing with tullibee, perch, and walleye all using similar areas.  Setlines and shiners get the nod for walleye, while small tungsten jigs and flasher spoon rigs take the jumbo perch and tullibee.

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