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Lake Mille Lacs Walleye 

Best Walleye Fishing in Minnesota

  Trophy walleye and lots of them!  That's what brings fishermen from around the country to Lake Mille Lacs.  The various tactics and fishing techniques  are what keep them coming back.  Simply put, Mille Lacs is a fun fishery.  Trophy fish are a daily occurrence out here and the methods of catching them make for a very engaging fishing experience.  This is also one of the few lakes where a hundred-fish-day is a possibility. 

      Whether you're looking to catch your first fish, or looking to learn advanced techniques; Lagoona Guide Service has the tools and knowledge to give you the best experience on the world's best walleye fishery. 

      All ages and experience levels welcome, we love to teach!

Bearded man in rain jacket holds up trophy walleye.

Best Time to Fish Mille Lacs Lake Walleye

Post Spawn (opener - Memorial Day)

  Early season walleye fishing gets started mid May with the fishing opener, and continues through Memorial weekend.  Walleyes this time of year are generally post spawn and biting well.  Typical locations for early spring walleyes include the north end sand bar, cabbage beds in the bays, and shoreline rock reefs.  A variety of techniques can be used, making for a fun bite.  Lindy rigs and slip bobbers are a season long staples of walleye fishing on Mille Lacs, and are the two most popular presentations from opener to ice up.  They are used on a nearly daily basis on walleye trips on Mille Lacs.  Leeches and spot tail shiners are the top baits for early season walleye.  Other popular techniques include casting shallow water swimbaits, jigs with shiners, and stickbaits trolled in the shallows.

Early Summer Memorial Day - Mid July

  Early summer brings excellent walleye fishing and daily bug hatches. Spinners and crawlers provide fast daytime walleye fishing on the edges of the flats and gravel bars.   Massive bug hatches create unique open water crankbait trolling opportunities for big female walleye.  The evenings are always a good time to bobber up on a favorite flat or reef for some of the hottest fishing of the season.  Casting swimbaits on windward points and reefs is another customer favorite at this time. 

Summer (mid July - mid September)

  Mid summer walleyes, provide some of the most unique angling opportunities of the season.  While slip bobbers and Lindy rigs continue to produce fish, newer techniques such as lead core trolling, and sharp-shooting jigging raps will often out produce the old methods.  Fishing lead core in the basin is an excellent way to contact roaming mid summer walleyes.  Where as the targeted approach of sharp-shooting jigging raps with electronics, makes for a much more engaging rod in hand approach. 

Fall (mid September- ice up)

Fall Mille Lacs walleyes, can provide some of the best fishing of the season.  Size and numbers are both on a grand scale in October, with the full moon producing arguably the best week of fishing all year.  Shallow reefs and rocky edges once again become the hot spots and techniques such as rigging minnows, and snapping jigging raps become top choices for daytime eyes.  

  What happens after dark, is what makes Mille Lacs legendary.  October full moon walleyes congregate on shallow reefs en mass, and long line trolling techniques produce some incredible bags of fish.  It's an experience that should be had by any walleye fanatic.

Full moon rising with reflection off Mille Lacs Lake.
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