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Lagoona Guide Service
Mille Lacs Lake Muskie Fishing

Mille Lacs Lake Record Class Muskie

  Widely known as the best big muskie lake in Minnesota, Mille Lacs also holds claim to many state record class fish and even a world fly record.  If a fish over 50 pounds or 55 inches is your goal, Mille Lacs is your place.

  Lagoona Guide Service uses the latest tactics and equipment to give you the best possible opportunity for the muskie of a lifetime. 

   November is known for BIG FISH and NASTY weather.  These trips aren't for the faint-of-heart, bring mittens.

All muskie trips are catch and release.

Best Time to Fish for Mille Lacs Muskie

Early Summer (Opener - July 4)

  Early season musky fishing begins on Mille Lacs with opener in early June.  Warm water areas such as protected bays and shallow weed lines tend to produce the most fish early on.  Smaller bucktails and plopper style topwaters are go to baits this time of year.

Summer (July 4th - Labor Day)

   Mid summer is probably the most popular time of year for muskie fishing on Mille Lacs, but also the most inconsistent.     

  The mid summer period has a huge range of productive locations and techniques. Early on, deeper weed edges in 10'-14' are most productive.  As summer progresses many of these edges will die off or moss up, creating opportunities on adjacent rock piles.   Popular baits on weeds can include large bucktails, glide baits, and topwaters.  As rocks begin to produce we see other baits come into play such as crankbaits and swimbaits. 

Fall (Mid September - Late October)

  Fall muskie locations can vary a lot this time of year.  Sand, green weeds, and rock can all be productive on any given day.  All of the usual suspect musky baits can be productive this time of year too.  Warmer days topwater can work well, cooler days can produce giants around large rock with crank baits.  A bucktail is always a good choice this time of year.

Late Fall (Late October - Mid November)

  The tullibee spawn is what brings in the big fish.  This is the most legendary time of year to fish Mille Lacs, record setting fish and epic weather make for some of the most memorable fishing days. Tullibee start staging around spawning areas in the upper 40 water temps, big muskies that have followed these schools in the basin all summer now follow them onto shallow rock reefs for the fall spawn.  This creates a two week window of opportunity to catch record setting muskies. 

  Bait selection is pretty simple, big baits.  Large swimbaits generally referred to as "pounders", are the standard.  Brutal weather can sometimes create the need for hand warming breaks, that's when trolling big crankbaits becomes an enjoyable reprieve.  It provides a much needed warm up on a cold snowy day.  

Young man holding record class Mille Lacs Lake muskie.
Snagged tullibee held out of water by Bull Dawg muskie bait.
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