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Mille Lacs Fishing Report, (Early June Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, and Muskie)

The excellent bass and walleye bite continues this week on Mille Lacs!

Mille Lacs Fishing Report, Current Water Temps, and Lake Conditions

Current water temps on Mille Lacs are low 60s in the main lake, mid 60s in the bays. The bug hatches have tapered off since last weeks Mille Lacs fishing report, with a few midges still popping up.

Smallmouth Bass Moving to Beds

With water temps reaching the 60 degree threshold, smallmouth beds are showing up all over. While prespawn bass are still an option, we've switched to bedfishing. If you're looking to target prespawners, I would recommend fishing hair jigs, ned rigs, jerkbaits, and swimbaits, on 8'-12' rocks. Try moving to shallow rock/sand transitions on sunny afternoons. For bedded bass, our best action has been in less than 6', but that is beginning to change. As we get later into the spawn, more deep beds begin to appear. For bed fishing my go to presentations include ned rigs, and drop shots. These two techniques get bit quick, and have excellent hookup and landing percentages. The light wire hooks are also easier on the fish.

Walleyes Both Shallow and Deep, Mudflats Picking Up

While the shallow bite continues in 6' to 18', many more fish have showed up on the mud flats and gravel bars over the past week. Bobbers and leeches are the easiest and most effective way to catch walleyes during the summer however, jigs and plastics have been producing in the shallows and lindy rigs are always productive on the mud and gravel. When fishing the gravel or mud, I generally start on the edges around 28'.

Musky Opener Was a Success

While it was hard to judge how many fish would be present in the bays this spring, it appears that there were a few successful musky anglers. In my boat, we landed fish both shallow and deep this week. Our most consistent action came on deeper cabbage in the bays. Bucktails (both big and small), accounted for all of our follows and a nice 45.5". Black and silver was best, but bright colors were productive when the sun came out.

It's been a great season on Mille Lacs, and it looks like we have a great summer of fishing ahead of us.

Good luck fishing, and have a great weekend.

Ryan Kelly

Lagoona Guide Service



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