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Mille Lacs Lake First Ice Fishing Report for walleye, Northern Pike, and Perch

First ice is here! The bays have froze over and walking traffic has begun. Ice at filming was 4-6 inches. We have a little more now. Main lake is still open water.

Big pike provide an excellent early season opportunity. One of my favorite things on first ice, is sight fishing big pike through spear holes. A solid weed line of green cabbage is best for this technique, often around 10'. I like to use a large shiner minnow, on a single 1/0 octopus hook with a fluorocarbon leader. Put the bait down about a third of the way, and wait for the gators.

While waiting for pike, I'll generally keep myself amused with perch. Most of the perch in the bays are small, but a few keepers can generally be sorted out during a day of fishing. I like to use a small gold tungsten jig tipped with spikes. I prefer the durability of spikes over other types of bait.

The evening also provides a prime opportunity for walleye. When fishing walleye in the bays, hard bottom is generally best. Flutter spoons tipped with minnow heads are a great option for jigging. A plain hook with a small shiner is always hot on a set line.

Stay safe, remember your ice picks and cleats.

Good Luck Fishing!

Ryan Kelly

Lagoona Guide Service



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