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Big Stone Lake Fishing Report and Ice Conditions for (Mid-January) Perch and Bluegill

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

It's now mid-winter for Big Stone Lake perch and bluegill fishing. Ice conditions are great with most of the lake showing 18-22". Snow is minimal and travel on the lake is easy with most vehicles.

The fishing is reflective of the season, typical mid winter ups and downs. Overall though, the bite is still pretty good. Big Stone's perch remain relatively scattered throughout the lake, finding a few fish is a pretty easy task for most fisherman. If you plan on coming out for the weekend, you can expect to catch a few fish in most areas of the lake.

Fisherman taking a more serious approach can do well by staying mobile and away from crowds. Bigger fish can be found off of the beaten path.

Good Luck Fishing!


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