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Late Ice Fishing Report for Mille Lacs Lake, (March/April) Perch and Tullibee

This weeks Mille Lacs fishing report covers late ice perch and tullibee fishing, as well as current ice conditions for late March and Early April. As of last week it appears that most of the ice roads have closed for the season. There may still be a couple of resorts plowing locally, call ahead for current conditions. Wheeled traffic is possible on Mille Lacs, be vigilant for slush pockets and snow drifts. Tracked vehicles and snowmobiles have no problems getting around at this point.

The perch and tullibee bite continues on the mud flats. The best fishing lately has been taking place on the deep edges of the mud flats, in about 32 feet of water. Fishing the sharp breaks off points and corners has been best for perch all season. Tullibee tend to move up and down the edges, presenting regular opportunities throughout the day.Tungsten jigs tipped with bugs are a consistent producer of both perch and tullibee. A five millimeter gold tungsten jig tipped with spikes is my favorite setup. Fish a couple of feet off of the bottom, quivering the jig in place. Fisherman tend to overwork this presentation, less is more. Another great presentation is the flasher rig. This presentation is more geared towards tullibee. It consists of a spoon with a dropper line and ice fly. Flasher rigs draw tullibee in with the flash of the spoon, and get bit on the fly.

There's still a lot of ice season left, might as well get out and enjoy it while the weather is mild!

Good Luck!


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