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Mille Lacs Lake Fishing Report for (Early March/Late Ice) Perch and Tullibee

This weeks fishing report will cover Mille Lacs Lake ice and snow conditions, fish locations, and fishing techniques for perch and tullibee.

Looking at the long term weather forecast, it appears that mild winter temps and additional snowfall will most likely extend the Mille Lacs ice fishing season. This last week a couple of resort owners stated that they would continue plowing as long as they were able.

Perch and tullibee seem to be on similar patterns at this time. Both are biting well on bug and jig combinations, both are using similar areas.

Good Locations for perch and tullibee continue to be out on the mud flats. My best locations recently have been where the deepest parts of the basin adjoin to the flat. I'm setting up on the edge in 28' to 34'. Lately it seems that the fish on the shallower end of this, pushing tight to the edge of the flat.

Presentations for perch and tullibee are fairly simple on Mille Lacs. The two techniques that I use the most are a standard tungsten jig, or a chain spoon/flasher rig. Im tipping both of these with spikes. Subtle quivers are often times the most effective way to fish a tungsten jig, flasher rigs can often be fished more aggressively.

Good Luck Fishing!



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